Since I started writing a personal update a few weeks ago, the situation that our world faces has prompted me to start a fresh post! A few shorts weeks ago (well about six!!!) it was pretty much life as normal. Now we are isolating ourselves in our homes and trying to stop the spread of COVID-19 that has quite literally changed the face of our world as we know it. After finishing a post that would have given you an update on what my health is like I decided to change direction. To talk about “my situation” when thousands are dying, and people around the world are scared and trying to understand what all this means for our world didn’t seem right. What did seem right however the more I thought about it, was bringing a message of faith and hope!

At the moment there is so much fear and anxiety in our world. Something that I have come to know and understand myself very well. Through my own health issues over the last fourteen years, fear has been one of those things that I’ve had to deal with on a number of occasions. Prayer and having God as the foundation in my life has been the best weapon against that. As I started to put together what this message was going to look like in my head. Right away, what came to mind was the fear and all the uncertainty that I had to deal with in my own journey.

At the time of writing this about 267,000 people having died, and almost 3.8 million people have been diagnosed around the globe. Never have we needed to press into God more than we do now! This is so much bigger than anything anyone could ever handle on their own. However, I’m ever so blessed to have a God who can provide for our every need. When I was first diagnosed with CRPS, I remember the intense feelings of fear that I had to deal with. As my journey began to try and find answers, I continued to stand in faith pushing in deeper with God. Not questioning why things were happening but trusting that He knew the reasons and that with His guidance I could get through any storm. More on that later!

I believe we are already seeing God show up in some really powerful ways. In a time like this when it seems as if there is only chaos and fear unfolding around us. Why not look at all the acts of humanity and compassion going on all around us through these challenging times. I’m reminded of the scenes we see coming from places like Italy. Where citizens are taking to their balconies during isolation, singing patriotic songs and lifting each others spirits. What we’re seeing more than anything however, is the massive showing of support for all the front line workers. Those who are quiet literally putting their lives on the line, to make sure we are provided with the essential services we need.

I am even more overwhelmed by the acts of kindness that are going on right here in my own city! As the global economy has hit difficult times, and people all around us are loosing their jobs. The local food bank is under tremendous strain. Yet somehow, our city still manages to raise $1,000,000 in one day to give them the financial support they needs. I love it when we see clear signs that God is at work! Simple acts like checking on your neighbors who may be at high risk of getting sick, and making sure that they have the things they need. These things are happening in communities everywhere. Even acts like buying a bag of groceries for that person who may have lost a job or is struggling financially are happening more and more often.

When I see different things like these happening I find it hard to believe that God isn’t hard at work. During times like these we need to set our eyes on God, and draw near to Him. Are you trying to do everything by yourself and feeling like you just can’t do it anymore? Are you in a place where you need to see God show up? As this pandemic has griped our world with so much fear and anxiety. I just can’t help but think about how some of these things being caused by COVID-19, have impacted me in my own journey with CRPS.

When I was first diagnosed with CRPS I had to deal with the fear caused by a disease largely unknown by those in the medical profession. At times I felt isolated and alone in trying to navigate my way through this diagnosis that nobody knew. In trying to do that though, I learnt that the fear and worries that this disease could create were so much bigger than I ever could have imagined. Things like my finances became a concern with me no longer being able to work. How were we going to manage? My emotional well-being was also being affected in different ways. What was my future going to look like? This was another question that I couldn’t get out of my head. Suddenly there were all these different fears and things that I could worry about coming at me from all directions.

All of a sudden the landscape of my world had changed overnight, and so many of those things causing fear or worry were out of my control. If I wanted to be able to navigate my way through everything, then I needed to make a few changes. I needed to make the decision to hand control of the entire situation over to God. Giving up control in those difficult situations isn’t always easy and it requires a lot of trust. At the same time the rewards that we reap if we do are great. He’s given me the confidence to face any situation without fear, and the wisdom to create a path through some very uncertain situations. Whether they be my physical health, finances, or my mental health fear doesn’t hold the control anymore.

As we walk through this pandemic, we all have different needs as things continue to unfold. Some have experienced the loss of a loved one, and others have lost jobs as a result of the global downturn. We are living amidst all kinds of uncertainty right now. Is all of this causing your world to implode? Are you scared and having a difficult time managing? Then I only have three words for you. Turn to God! You will get through this. What we need to do is stand firm in faith!

“The goal of faith isn’t to take away your fears but to leverage those fears to create bolder belief. Faith leads you past your fears and reassures you of God’s presence. And after a while, you begin to trust that God is going to lift you above the waves this time just like he did last time.”

— Steven Furtick

As I wrap things up I wanted to leave you with this quotes by Steven Furtick. Everything he’s saying in regards to faith I absolutely believe to be true. As my faith has grown and developed, I’ve been able to move past the fear and like he says leverage it. My trust that God will show up in these situations or storms has grown in so many ways. You may have noticed that my experiences have been very much like what he’s talking about when it comes to fear and faith. In my opinion this validates what he’s trying to say saying. I’m not going to tell you what or what not to believe. However I’ve experienced too much within my own journey to believe anything else! With that I say be encouraged by the words I’ve shared with you in this piece and never lose hope!