The last time I posted I was telling you about taking back various things that have been missing from my life since being diagnosed with CRPS. I thought that today I really needed to speak out against discouragement. It wasn’t that I’d planned to post about it, and I’ve spoken about it before. However I wanted to post about it because if you allow it to creep in then the CRPS wins. This is one of the things that I’ve really being working hard on through not only recent weeks, but also over the years. I can’t believe how over time God has really worked a true healing in this area of my life. It isn’t that I never get discouraged because everybody does, but it’s what happens when I do get that way. Before when I would become discouraged it would drag me down, taking away my fight. Now when it hits the fight from within me gets even stronger, enabling me to start thinking and taking more positive action.

I’m not by any means saying that it’s easy or that my emotions don’t get rattled. In fact there are times when it hits with a vengeance! Although if I allow myself to remain discouraged it only causes me to lose hope. So I ask God for encouragement and the ability to stand up against discouragement. I get asked almost daily how do I stay so “optomistic” when things are so bad. My response to that is that I believe in a God that heals! He has given me strength and courage to fight this disease called CRPS and it’s only a matter of time before I win! Is your pain driving you crazy and your finding absolutely no relief. Then take a chance on God and ask him to take away the pain. Are you having a hard time dealing with the days where you just wake up feeling beat down and discouraged? Then put your trust in God!

Things aren’t perfect for me by any means for me. I’m still in a fight with my CRPS! The reality though is that there is a change going on within me, and I owe that all to God. You can’t allow this disease to take control, you have to take control over it! I refuse to allow discouragement to take a hold and fester and grow within me. So should you!