I don’t know if it’s possible to be more tired than I am today! Again last night was a sleepless night and I need to deal with my kids all day today. My saving grace though is that they are being really good! I don’t know why my pain has decided to get so bad as of late, and I’m not going to try and figure it out. My job is to stay positive and do everything in my power to ease the symptoms that are brought on by CRPS. I found out this morning that the surgery that I’m waiting to have could be about another years wait! I’ve already been waiting for one year and now I have to wait another. Maybe God is trying to tell me that I won’t be having the surgery!

I’ve learnt now however not to expect anything so it really doesn’t surprise me. It isn’t worth stressing myself out over and causing myself a bunch of extra pain. What did upset me was how my call today was handled. When I called today the person I spoke with didn’t know what CRPS was. It upset me when I was told that other people who were more important were in front of me. Well if you don’t know what my condition is about how do you know how important my condition is???  I’m tired of people thinking that those of us living with chronic pain are insignificant. Sorry but I feel a rant coming on! It always amazes me how people don’t understand CRPS, thinking that all we have is a little ache or pain. People really don’t understand do they! How do you get your point across to people about something that is so debilitating. I am so thankful that I have a core of people around me that do understand. If I didn’t have them, then I don’t know what I would do.

Let me say this! I am encouraged by some of the change that I’m starting to see in regards to CRPS. There is a growing community of people that are trying to help those of us affected by CRPS. The fact remains though that there are still a lot of people who really don’t see how serious our condition is. When it comes to treatment with CRPS so often we get put to the bottom of the list because we aren’t a life threatening illness. This is so frustrating because you live in pain 24/7 and your basically told to suck it up and live with it. People who live with chronic pain do a really good job managing their pain, so this is a large part of why people don’t see how important our condition is.

Is it that they don’t understand? Or that they don’t know about it? You can’t understand something that you don’t know about, and I find that people make comments to me saying that they’ve never heard about CRPS before. So what it means is that we just have to keep on making people aware of what CRPS is. As much as you get frustrated by the people that don’t understand CRPS, take the time to tell them about it. We can do something about this if we want to. Instead of sitting around and getting frustrated do your best to understand what you live with and try to educate as many people as you can about it.

There isn’t a whole lot to what I have to say today, it’s just me ranting today. But I will post a message like this every once and a while to help people see my frustration, and to help people understand what we are living with.