Over the last couple of weeks things have been crazy busy! Doctors appointments and kids sports and just life in general has left little time for my wife and I just to spend time alone. So this week I planned a date night and took my beautiful wife out for dinner and even managed to get rid of the kids for a night! Only one thing stood in the way of the great plans we had. She came down with a cold during the day! We had a great dinner but by the time we got home she wasn’t feeling so hot and just needed to get some sleep. I can hardly wait for Hawaii when we get many days and hours alone together!

The last week or two have been a challenge for me to get through from a pain standpoint as well as mentally. I went to visit the staff at the implant clinic for some reprogramming of my stimulators, to see if we could fix the problems with the coverage in my upper implant for my hand. At this point things aren’t looking so great and it’s looking like I might have to go in for another surgery to place a new lead. No decision has been made at this point but I have a feeling I already know what direction this is heading. Like always though I hold my head up and keep moving forward. Why do things always have to go sideways all the time? Don’t know and don’t care! I’m a firm believer that I’m going through all of this for a reason, and that at the end of all of this everything will finally make sense.

As has been the case so often while writing my post it’s been a few days in the making to put this all together. Over the last few days there’s been a lot going through my mind and it’s taken away from writing my blog. As I mentioned before I’ve been working with the implant clinic here in my city to try and fix the problems with my upper implant. The bad news is that it looks like surgery is once again in the mix! We’ve done as much as we can to try and change the coverage of the stimulator with programming and now it looks as if a new wire and lead have to be placed in my spine.

You’d think with all the problems that I’ve had with this upper implant that I’d just give up on it and say enough already, but I don’t give up when I face a fight. Even though it’s effectiveness hasn’t been 100% I still believe that it’s helping and giving me relief. So I’ll go through whatever I have to in order to keep moving forward. So as I wait to meet with my new surgeon and get put on the surgery wait list I’ll busy myself with distraction in various ways. As a matter of fact if it wasn’t busy enough with life in general I’m working on a few photography projects for clients just to add to the craziness!

So I guess I’d better hurry up and post this so that it doesn’t get put off any longer. Over the next few weeks I’ll be making a few changes to this site to give it a bit of a freshen up. It’s been a while since I did that so I’ll be doing that and adding a few other things. So I’d talk to you all soon.