Once again I have failed to keep this blog updated on a regular basis. Things have been crazy busy however and there has been little or no time to do everything that has to get done. It doesn’t help that I’m not feeling all that good at the moment. I’m most definitely doing more than I should but what choice do I have! I’m not made of money and so I can’t hire everything out and have to try and do some of the things myself. The good news is that we are really close to being done and once again have a working bathroom with the rest of the basement not far behind! Having gone with only one washroom for about the last nine months has been interesting to say the least!

If we aren’t dealing with our house then it’s been dealing with kids and their activities outside school. Somehow I’ve been able to manage to check my pain and keep pushing on. Some days I surprise myself by how I keep going, never giving up and always giving as much as I can in spite of a nasty illness. Today I saw that same fight and will to never give up in my oldest daughter. We were at her cross-country meet and as a parent it was one of those days where your both proud and sad for your child. As each age group entered off the course and came into the track we kept our eyes peeled for our daughter. When we finally saw her we cheered her on as any proud parent would but knew something wasn’t right. She had a look of pain on her face and looked upset.

When the race ended we discovered that twice she had fallen to the ground and been stepped on by other runners. One of those times she had been pushed to the ground by two girls! My girl got up though and pushed herself to finish the race even though she was hurting. She could have made the choice to give up and not finish, yet she was determined to give her all. Nothing can make you prouder as a dad! It was a quite evening with a heartbroken girl but at the end of the night I tucked her in and told her how proud I was of her that she kept going.

Seeing her today gave me perspective into this illness called CRPS and how you have to face each day. No matter what you finish running the race. It doesn’t matter if you walk or run but you do everything in your power to cross that line at the end. In our world of CRPS that might mean two years or it could even be twenty but the most important is that you keep going. It’s been busy over the last six months and I’m tired of all the extra pain that I’ve had to deal with. Several times I’ve had to pick myself up and brush off the dirt but I keep running.

Seeing my girl finish that race today encourages me to keep going and face any type of adversity that comes my way. Lately there have been lots of days where its been tough to make it through the day from start to finish. Seeing my girl today has renewed the fight in me to find another gear to keep up the fight.