Well only a couple more days before we leave for vacation and there is so much to do. It seems like the list of things to do before we go keeps getting longer and longer. At this point in time I’ll be lucky if I get half of those things done.  It doesn’t make things any easier when my pain level hasn’t been all that easy to manage. Over the weekend however we had a wedding within the family which made for a great distraction even if it was for just one day!

What I’ve been able to learn over the last several years is that you take whatever  opportunity you get when it comes to taking your mind off the pain. The more you try to focus your attention away from the pain the easy it becomes to manage it. It isn’t always easy to do it but if you don’t try then you get caught up in a vicious cycle that just goes around and around.  That’s why whenever my pain gets bad I have to try and do something that breaks the cycle immediately to allow me to get back on track.

The last couple of weeks that has been hard to deal with, but heading away on vacation is just what the doctor has ordered! I’m hoping that with a little time away it will help get my mind off things and get me back on track. I’m feeling the need for a break because all the fight that it takes both mentally and physically takes everything out of a persons body. It’s a workout within itself to wake up each and every day after a restless night and find the strength to get through another day. However God does a great job of giving me that strength!

So while I’m away on vacation my intentions are to try and stay away from the computer and just focus on some good old relaxation. If any of you who read my blog on a regular basis would like to write a guest blog during my time away, please let me know so that we can make all the necessary arrangements. It’s been a really long day and tomorrow is going to be even longer so for now I need to get some rest!