Trying to write this post today has been more than a little challenging.  Since waking up this morning it’s been a fight to do anything at all without pain and all the other symptoms consuming my every thought and move. I don’t know what has changed so quickly overnight but something is going on. Thankfully I’m going to the implant clinic in the morning so maybe we’ll get some answers. The heat and humidity that we’ve been having don’t help things, but I get the feeling that something more is the cause of all this. Whatever it is I need it to clear quickly though because I’m leaving to go on holiday next week.

We will make our way out to Vancouver to visit my family and get a little down time from all the hustle and bustle. It’s been a busy summer and it seems as though we’ve been on the go all the time with no time to just stop and relax. This weekend we have a family wedding that our youngest daughter will be a flower girl for and then we start getting ready for the big drive. We’re prepared for a long drive but we’ve planned it in such a way that we are making several stops with family and friends along the way to break things up. The girls are excited and I’m looking forward to seeing my family who I haven’t seen since last year! We try and stay in touch throughout the year but it is always so tough.

I miss my family a lot especially in times like right now when I’m having a hard time getting through each day. Sure I can pick up the phone but it’s not the same as having them there with you as you go through those hard times. There are times when it would be great to have my mom there for a big hug when I need it, or just having that sibling there to pull you aside to speak those words of encouragement to you. I don’t regret for a minute moving to where I am now, but every so often I really miss home! If it wasn’t for the amazing family that I have out here it would be that much more difficult!

Today is just one of those difficult days where trying to put on a smile has been hard. I know I’m not the only person who feels this way, because there are so many of you who join me in how I feel. As well it doesn’t help that my body doesn’t want to do what I tell it to do, however I refuse to let the CRPS win.

I believe in ending on a positive and with that I leave you with this. In spite of how my body feels and how my mind wants to interpret things not everything is all that bad. As of today I now have four stores in the city that will now be selling my photography! When I was diagnosed with my CRPS I thought that I would never pick up a camera again, let alone be selling it in stores. It just shows you that your life doesn’t have to stand still while you deal with your illness. Don’t stop chasing after your dreams!