It’s that time again. November is CRPS Awareness Month! I would encourage you to spend a minute to either link up to my post or to send this post’s link to someone you know who doesn’t know about CRPS. If you don’t already know Complex Regional Pain Syndrome or CRPS for short is a chronic pain condition that’s  been causing all sorts of problems in peoples lives. In November I always take a minute to shout out about this illness, and let people know that we will keep fighting to be heard. Being diagnosed is half of the problem when it comes to CRPS, and if people can be caught in the earlier stages then there is a better chance at seeing the disease go into a kind of remission. This isn’t an illness that’s a figment of our imagination, it’s very real and people are in a world of pain! People need to see just how much it affects every day life, and the rest of the family around them.

Suppose your walking from point A to point B and you stub your toe! Think about that intense pain you feel, and all you can think about is how bad it hurts. Now enter my world where that pain never shuts off. The pain just becomes part of a viscous cycle that goes around in circles. The brain can’t seem to shut that cycle down and this is where a lot of people lack in understanding.  People just assume that it’s easy for use to turn off this cycle, when it’s anything but that! If I could just flip that switch in my brain and tell it everything is ok then don’t you think I would!

The purpose of this post is to tell you that those of us who suffer from chronic pain aren’t going to give up. We need to keep fighting for more research to be done so that we can find out some of the answers to the questions that we have. We can’t do it alone though and need the support from those around us to help. If you suffer from chronic pain you need to stand up and be heard. Don’t settle for being told that there is no hope in what you are dealing with, and that you have to suffer in pain the rest of your life.  Fight with everything you have inside to overcome adversity.

If you aren’t someone who suffers from chronic pain, then as you read this my hope is that this inspires you to go into action and be a voice for those of us who do suffer. As I mentioned before if you want to link up to this post then do, but all I ask is that you help us educate and raise awareness about CRPS.