When I started my day today I knew it was going to be one of those days! It’s been a little tough today because I’ve been experiencing a little more pain than usual from my surgery and it’s been bothering me to the point that I feel as though I need to contact someone at the implant clinic about it. You know when things bother you just enough that you say to yourself I can’t let this go, well that’s the point I’m at.

On a different not if you have kids like I do then this morning your probably spending all kinds of time peeling them off the ceiling because of the sugar fix that they are on right now. It now seems that breakfast, lunch, and dinner consist of candy in some way shape or form! I love my kids but this time of the year I can stand the amount of time that I spend trying to calm them down. Sorry I forgot that’s something I have to do with them on a daily basis anyway!

Anyway just a short post today because what I really wanted to pass on to my fellow bloggers today was this. If you want to check out some great blogs and meet some people check this out.

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