Well it’s the end of September and we are still getting temperatures into the high twenties! Tomorrow we are suppose to reach 30C! It’s the first day of fall yet summer seems to be back again. So where do we go when the weather gets like this. Out to the lake of course! We are off for the weekend and hopefully things will be nice and relaxing. There aren’t going to be many more weekends left until we close it up until Christmas, so we have to enjoy it while we can. It also means that I get to snap some pics of the fall colors as they start to come on.

This week really hasn’t been the greatest in regards to pain. Someone decided to rear end me while I was at a red light and something tells me that it doesn’t really help the CRPS very much! I’ve been doing a lot of relaxation and trying to calm down the nervous system, but things remain pretty wound up for the moment. I’ve just been trying to put it in Gods hands and am trusting that He will calm things down. I’m just happy that my 4yr old daughter who was in the car is alright.If the week wasn’t crazy enough as it was, throw in an accident to make things even busier! Yipeee! All I can say is if your license has been suspended and you have no plate insurance then you shouldn’t be driving!

Sorry I just had to get that rant out so that it helps relax me a bit. Relaxation is and has been one of the best ways to try and control my pain. The trick is trying to get to that place where you can relax enough to have results! Often it can takes days of trying to slow my nervous system down to see even the smallest of changes in my pain. There is usually a battle going on within my brain in hopes that things will calm down. Often distracting yourself from the pain to the best of your abilities will help in bringing things under control. My distraction today is getting away!

The timing for getting away couldn’t be better because there is so much on my mind at the moment. Sometimes things get really overwhelming and right now is one of those moments. When things get this way I ask God to sort everything out and make sense of it all. He never fails to come through even in the toughest of times. I have to admit that I don’t really have a specific message in my post today because of the type of week that I’ve had. One of these days I will get my act together! It’s one of those days where my brain going in two different directions and I’m finding concentration hard.

It’s all related to the pain level and as a result I become frustrated and often more agitated. This is the part of CRPS that I really dislike. Its at these times that I need to ask God for His help in getting through these emotions. So I’m going to take the weekend to relax and try to recompose myself and to refocus. So have a great weekend everyone and I’ll see you soon!