The date has been booked and now it’s time to enjoy some of life with a reduction in the pain! As many of you know I’ve been waiting for a long time to have my spinal cord implant done. I had really put it out of my mind because I wasn’t hearing anything. The other day I happened to be taking my daughter in for a doctors appointment and my doctors office is in the same office. So I decided to go in and check to see if there was any news. Long story short they had either misplaced my file or forgotten about me but I did walk out with a date of Oct 12! As a result my mind has been doing overtime which has been causing more stress which in turn has been causing more pain. I’ve been doing a lot of praying about it and just asking God to take control. It’s been so long living with pain I’ve forgotten what it’s like without!

So needless to say I’ve fallen behind by a couple of days on my posting because I just haven’t been up to it. With everything going on I had forgotten to mention that I have had the honor of writing a guest post over at my friend Amy’s site She is in the process of adopting and so I had the honor of sharing my own story of adoption on her site, so I just wanted to thank her for the opportunity that she has given me.

If you follow my site then you know that I have been trying to add value to it by sharing with you things that have helped me in dealing with an illness like CRPS. I would like to start adding other peoples stories into the mix. So I’ll also be adding those stories along with other people who have overcome adversity. I’ll also be adding new links for people to go to as well so stay tuned for those. I do plan to take this site to a new level and am excited in trying to achieve that. So for now I must go but I’ll be back to post more later!