Well the week has come and gone just like that! It’s time to pack my bags and head to the lake for the weekend. It’s been a tiring week filled with ups and downs. I have to admit I’ve been dealing with some pain this week. It’s really hard to tell what pain is from using muscles that haven’t been used in years or from the CRPS itself. I’m hoping for a quiet weekend that will calm things down.

As for the launch this week of the challenge that I posted this week I’m hoping to have some of you send me stories of how you’ve been making out. I have decided that because of how busy people get over the summer months, that I will keep the challenge up and running until the end of September. This will give people some time to enjoy there summer holidays and take up the challenge when they are a little less busy. If you don’t know what my challenge entails then look at my last post for all the details.

I really do think that this challenge is important. We all need to look outside ourselves for half a minute and think of someone else. I thought I would kick things off today with an act of kindness that happened yesterday. I was at the library getting a couple of books when a lady not much older than me dropped a couple of books, as she was walking past me. So I helped her pick up the books and carried them to the checkout for her. As I walked with her I found out that she suffered from chronic pain in both of her wrists continuing up both of her arms. At times it flares up making it next to impossible to carry things.

She had forgot to bring her book bag and was having problems. So I offered to carry them out to her car for her, and went on my way. As I continued on my way I realised that I had left the library without getting my own books. My intentions had been to help her and then go back to get my own. It may have been a simple act of kindness but I’ll tell you it makes a huge impact in someones day when you live with chronic pain! It doesn’t have to be someone we know who’s around us who suffers from chronic pain. There are hundreds of thousands of people like myself who suffer from chronic pain.

Having lived with chronic pain for as long as I have has made me want to do all I can to help others around me that suffer from the same.  There are opportunities all around us to help others who deal with pain. Are you willing to do anything about it? If you are then send me your story!