Well as expected things were really busy over the long weekend. Friday was Canada Day! We started the day off watching the Canada Day parade out at the lake, of which our two daughters were fortunate enough to take part in. They were excited beyond belief and did a great job. Then in the evening we had a party at our cottage for my niece in celebration of their wedding, which took place in February. On Saturday we had another party at our cottage for a nephew who graduated from University. So with all the different things going on I didn’t get a chance to update my site. In spite of it being such a busy weekend I had a great time, and the best part of all was that I didn’t have many problems with pain!

It seems as though this is shaping up to be a really busy summer. In a weeks time we have another family wedding. Then a couple weeks after that I’ll be heading off on a trip with my family, back home to Vancouver where I am from to visit family and friends. Somewhere in between all of that I’ll have to find time to keep things updated on the site. Well I hope everyone had a great Canada Day, or 4th of July!

Over the summer because of holidays and different things going on within the family you may see my posts being updated a few days further apart. I’m going to do my best to schedule posts to release every couple of days if I can. With any luck there won’t be to many interruptions! I also hope to make some changes to my blog in hopes of making things better for you the reader. Its a short post for today but time is short. So for now I must go because I have two little munchkins who need their dad!