“You can defeat any mountain”

Well it’s the start of a new week and it also happens to be the start of summer vacation for my kids! Now lets hope that we start getting the weather along with it. I’m tired of all the rain! If we get any more rain the mode of transportation will no longer be car but will become a boat! You might think I’m joking but waters have started to rise again! When will it end. We need the water levels to drop and for things to dry out a little. We also need some good weather this weekend in order to celebrate Canada’s 144th birthday. Canada Day this year will be to go watch the town parade out at the lake, of which both of my daughters will be riding on a float this year. Then we usually have a family BBQ however this year we will be having a reception for my niece who got married back in February.

“Overcome any obstacle”

So this week I have some big news to pass on to anyone that reads my blog. Over the last couple of weeks there have been some changes in my health condition. Ones that will hopefully fill others full of hope! For the first time in six years I’ve started to move the fingers in my affected hand. They don’t move well but at least they move! At the same time in the last couple of days I’ve started to walk without my cane! There is still pain but my ankle feels as though it has strengthened to the point I can go without the cane. Physio asked me what had happened and I will tell you what I told them. This has been an answer to prayer!

Things aren’t perfect and there is still a lot of work to do but it just shows me how awesome God is and what he’s doing in my life! I am encouraged that I might soon be able to use my hand again, and that I may be able to take long walks with my family. Piece by piece things are starting to coming together, and I get a little bit closer to being able to say that I have defeated my CRPS. It’s like a climber who’s almost at the top of Mt.Everest. He’s on the last stage of the climb and all he can feel how close he is to achieving his goal, but he’s still got a little more left to do. So he digs in for that final push to get himself to his goal! In many ways my journey is like the climbers. I need to keep my eyes on achieving my goal and getting myself to the top.

” To overcome all”

Sometimes we need something to motivate us or push us a little bit more to help us get to our goals. Well everything God has done has certainly motivated me! However something else that my daughter said to me the other day has also served as another source of motivation. I was showing her how I could move my fingers a bit, when she turned to me and said ” That’s great dad! So soon you’ll be able to play catch with me!”