It’s been a really long week and it’s only half over! My youngest child is driving me crazy and my pain is intense, perfect timing for a long weekend to come along. I’ll get a little bit of a rest and hopefully the pain will come down and everything will get back to normal. Whatever normal might be! We are headed out to our cottage at the lake and it’s always a welcomed break in the day to day, and I always seem to be able to relax a little more. It’s the May long weekend which means its time to open up the cottage for the summer and take a little time to visit with family!!

I went to my doctor this morning and he changed up my medications a bit, to see if I can get a bit of relief from some of the pain that I’ve been feeling. For the most part the medications do a good job at helping me manage the pain, but we made a few changes because I’ve been experiencing some extra pain that I just can’t seem to manage. So we’ll see in a couple of days how things do after making those changes. I’m hoping that getting myself more relaxed along with the changes in my meds will make a difference. I can’t say enough about my doctor and the care that I get from him. He does the best that he can do under the circumstances to keep me comfortable, and I can’t stress enough how having a good doctor is so important when your dealing with your CRPS. What I appreciate the most is that he really listens to me, and we work well as a team to figure out how best he can treat me.

Well tonight was Game #2 for my Vancouver Canucks on there journey to winning the Stanley Cup! It was quite the game to watch as they beat the San Jose Sharks 7-3! So now they take a lead 2-0 in the series. I am a hockey fan and it helps take my mind off the pain believe it or not. Yes there are times that it probably adds a little extra stress, but for the most part it does get my mind off things and is a great distraction. It would be great to see them win the Cup because I remember how close they got back in 94′ when I was living in Vancouver. I remember getting to that game #7 and how disappointing it was to see them lose. Well I believe that this year is their year to bring home the first Stanley Cup in the history of the team!

In a lot of ways my battle with my pain and my fight against my CRPS is a lot like Vancouver fighting to win the Stanley Cup! All season long they have been fighting as a team all season long to overcome adversity and win. There is a level of commitment from each player that is second to none. They’ve  had to overcome injuries and various lows in their season, yet they do whatever it takes to keep going and find that next level of their game. They are prepared to do whatever it takes to win and bring home the grand prize! Well battling your CRPS takes the same amount of focus and commitment. You need to be prepared to go through highs and lows, and to be able to face adversity on so many different levels. Are you willing to take your game to the next level? Are you committed to overcoming your CRPS?

A hockey team has to work well together, like a well oiled machine in order to achieve their goals. Well when your fighting your CRPS you have to work in the same type of way. So take a look at your team and see if everything is working well together. Your team consists of the people that surround you. It’s the doctor, physiotherapists, pharmasists, and anyone else who helps you in getting better. Today I was working with one of my team members to make a few changes in my game plan. It’s about having faith and committing to fight until you win!

See you soon!