It’s the end of a really long day and I’m glad it’s finally over. The kids have taken me to the very end of what I have left in the tanks today. It’s not that they’ve been really bad or anything, it’s just that they’ve been a handful over the last couple of hours. This seems to have taken what little energy I have left. Sleep! I need a good sleep! Not just a couple of hours, a long peaceful one all night long. What I would do for one of those right now!! My mind or nervous system just can’t seem to slow down enough to give me a great nights sleep. It’s frustrating but one of these days it will come.

So the last week or two as you know have been a little rougher than usual, and for some reason it had really thrown me for a loop. However things are turning around a I feel like things are moving in the right direction again. Like I’ve said before everyone is going to have there ups and downs through dealing with their disability, it wouldn’t be normal if you didn’t. You have to remember that your fighting a war that is both physical and mental, and you need to cut yourself some slack and allow yourself to feel some of those things your feeling. Thanks to everyone who has sent prayers my way as I have felt every one of them.  It’s been difficult to form thoughts and ideas, and when it gets that way it gets really tough from an emotional standpoint however I’m working through that. God is on the job and I’m back in control.

So I’ve been out trying to get used to my new camera and soon I will start posting some of the new pictures that I have taken. I have to say that it feels great starting to take pictures again. I feel as if there has been new life restored to the artistic side of me. This is huge because it gives me a huge boost and just proves that in spite of everything, I’ve managed to fight through all the doubts and negatives that may have stopped me from doing it. For many different reasons I could have said that I couldn’t do it. Isn’t that giving up??? I’ve had to challenge my own self to not allow negative to make all the decisions for me. So once I’ve figured out how to download them I’ll post some.

So many things are going on right now and it’s been causing a lot of extra stress which hasn’t been great for my pain. It’s also been hard to focus on writing a blog. There is nothing worse than trying to write when it isn’t coming really easy to you, and when there are all kinds of distractions around you. Those of you that write them know what I mean when I say that. Add to it a brain that isn’t running on all cylinders, and it becomes quite a task.

The last week or so have been a real challenge for me in trying to keep focused on the job that lays in front of me. The only person who can help me with that is God. As I’ve said all along I’m the words “give up” aren’t in my vocabulary so there is only one direction to go. My faith will get me through any and all of the roadblocks that I face along the way. You just have to believe that anything that you face you can overcome. Am I going through a period right now where I feel challenged and I’m having a hard time seeing the end? The answer is pretty obvious, however my answer never changes and that is because I know there will be a day when I can post a blog that says full function has been restored to my hand a foot!!