Trying to figure out today what exactly I wanted to write and put up hasn’t been easy. Its been a while since my last post but for good reason. The last couple of weeks have been tough, and have really challenged me mentally. So do I put up the one that speaks towards the conference in Dallas, TX that I was just at a month ago? Or do I speak towards the last two weeks that haven’t been easy for me and the rest of my family? I’ve decided that it’s going to be the later of the two. Honestly, it really speaks towards what’s on my heart right now.

Over the thirteen years that I’ve battled CRPS, resilience is something that I have become far too familiar with. I’m saying this because this past week or two haven’t been very easy. Once again I have been dealing with more health-related issues. No surprise when you deal with an autoimmune! This week I’ve found myself having to go into some form of superhero mode just to get through the day. Honestly, there really are times when I wonder if I possess superhuman qualities. Lol! Sometimes in dealing with my health, it really feels this way. The question is which superhero’s would those be?

The most obvious would be the classic American superhero Superman who uses his superhuman strength to fight crime. The only difference is that I use my superhuman strength to fight sickness. If you have ever read any of the comic books or seen any of the movies, then you might be familiar with his constant war on crime to defeat evil villains like Lex Luther. This arch nemesis of his is always creating a constant path of crime for Superman to fight. The parallel that I’m trying to make is that he uses his strength to fight crime, and I use my strength to defeat CRPS.

Actually, if you really think about it I guess you could say that there would be qualities from several different superheroes that one has to have in order to battle a disease like CRPS. There are a few that really stick out though and come to the front of my mind. I think about ones such as “Thor” who possesses this great superhuman strength, endurance, and stamina. All of which a person needs when they are fighting an illness of this scale. As each of us walks through our individual journey’s there are going to be trials that we come up against. In order to get through those times of adversity, there is no question that I have needed strength, endurance, and stamina.

Then there are the traits of the “Hulk” who possesses the greatest raw strength of any natural being on earth, and skin that can resist damage from heavy weaponry. There are going to be times that you have to go into “beast mode” when facing some of these difficult situations that you come up against. Meaning that you will need this combination of pure physical strength on one hand, and on the other a thick skin to minimize the damage that can be caused by the constant ups and downs of fighting a chronic illness.

I could make reference after reference to different superheroes (actually I couldn’t because my knowledge on superheroes is very limited) but I think you get the basic message that I’m trying to get across. Being sick sucks, and when things get bad you have to find a whole new level in order to keep the fight in you going. That means that what’s important is being able to find your inner superhero. As most of you know my faith in God is that superhero. What is yours?

There’s no real powerful message in today’s post. I’m just speaking from the heart at a time when I need to stay positive and fight through another issue with my health. This is when your mental and physical health is going to be challenged and it wears you down but you can’t give up. You need to put on your armour and go on the offensive. Pull out all the weapons that you need, and go into whatever challenges you might be facing with the attitude that you will come out on top.

As I bring things to a close today I want to leave you with this to encourage and support you. As individuals who are fighting through a chronic illness or rare disease we are: resilient, courageous, survivors, passionate, strong, empowered, self-determined, brave, hopeful, motivated, resourceful, optimistic, and patient. When the fight gets difficult I remember that I have all of these within me and so do you!