If you read my last post you’d know that over the last couple of days my pain has been really intense. I’m still fighting back the pain but I’ll get through this as always. I’m a bit on the tired side today having only got about 3hrs of sleep last night. In case you didn’t know disruptions in your sleep is a normal symptom of CRPS. So needless to say I feel a bit on the crabby side and hopefully I don’t chew off anyone’s head today. Instead of that I thought I would write a short post and try and rant to everyone in cyberspace! I don’t know why but I got to thinking about one of my pet peeves, and the more I think about it the madder I get!

So before I became affected by my disability I never thought twice about the people who used handicapped parking, until the day I needed to use it. It really is a blessing to be able to use it wherever I go. What I can’t stand is how people who are perfectly healthy use the spaces. Yes! those of you out there know who you are! I’ll even admit that I had even done it myself. I’m sorry that I ever did. It’s bad enough that in a huge parking lot there usually aren’t enough spaces, but just think how it affects a person who can’t walk or has another disability? I especially can’t stand when people pull into the spaces, and wait for staff of the store or people shopping. It amazes me how people feel that they have this sense of entitlement over people who really need the space.

Now when I see someone who doesn’t need to be in the space using it, I’ll confront them if I can and ask them why they are using a space they shouldn’t be using. It amazes me the answers that I get. Often I’ll get told that they’ll do what they want to do. I’ve even been sworn at when I mention to someone they shouldn’t be parked there. There seems to be this real lack of respect for people with disabilities by a lot of drivers. Wait until you really need to make use of that space yourself. It’s not like I chose to have this disability! Cut me some slack when it comes to parking close to a store. It’s almost as if people get made at you for being able to use the spaces. You wouldn’t imagine some of the looks I get when parking in those spaces. Well my response to those people is live for one day with my illness. I would be more than happy to get the use of my leg back and walk from the back of a parking lot!

I’m not saying that all drivers are like this but you have to admit it gets done a lot. Next time you see someone who shouldn’t be parked in a handicap spot I challenge you to say something. If it takes a person’s car being towed to get the point across then so be it! If your one of those drivers then think twice before you park there. It’s simple people if you drive around, and have one of those little hang tags with a wheelchair sign, then your allowed to park in those spaces. If you don’t have one of those then STAY OUT OF THE SPACES!!

Sorry I had to rant but I feel much better having done it! I don’t often rant but I’m coming across this problem more and more often. If one person stops doing it because I had this little outburst then I’ll be happy!