Its been a challenging month so far, not only trying to put up a post every day but on the health side of things as well. Today is a free topic day in the WEGO Health Activists Writers Month Challenge. So I’m using today as an update to what’s going on with me at the moment! Today was suppose to be the day that I went back to the surgeon for my three week follow up. As law would have it though an hour before the appointment he got called into surgery and my appointment got cancelled. Not to frustrating! So now I wait again for who knows how long!

Things have been pretty intense as of late when it comes to dealing with pain. My body seems to have a mind of its own right now, and I’m in a little need of some relief. Pain relief hasn’t been great lately, and my sleep patterns are worse than normal. A lot of it has to do with the issues that I’ve been having with my surgery site. I was told however that healing was going to be a process and I’m just believing for that to be the case. Its just that things have kind of come to a standstill as to what the next step is going to be. It might be to have a CT scan done to see what’s going on within that area. Is it muscular? Is it skeletal? Is it CRPS? There are so many questions I have at the moment however until the surgeon and I get together again I’m left in limbo.

All one can do at this stage of the game however is stay positive and keep myself focused on winning this battle. From the start I’ve told you that I’m going to win this battle and I feel more confident now than ever. With everything I’ve had to go through in regards to this surgery I have been given all kinds of reasons that I should be in doubt of things gettings better. So why haven’t my spirits wavered or my strength to keep going died out. God won’t let that happen! He’s kept me strong when I needed it the most and when my spirits take a dip in the wrong direction He picks me back up again. I am so unbelievably blessed to have a God that will be there wherever and whenever I need Him.

I know that lots of you share in my feelings of  just not having the strength to keep going at times. Or that you lack the spirit to keep pushing through adversity to overcome yet another obstacle. Its a feeling that leaves you feeling helpless and at times scared turning in all directions for answers. So what is the answer? The answer is to say a simple prayer asking Christ into your life. Ask and you shall receive!

So when I’m unsure about things or feeling weak I ask for what I need! When I’m in need of direction or wisdom I ask for wisdom or direction! Somehow or someway He always gives me wisdom into what steps to take next. The choice is your I can’t make it for you! God never fails to answer prayer and I can give you numerous examples of when He’s answered my prayers to back up that statement. Its makes getting through this mess a little easier when someone has my back, and that is one thing I’ll always be sure of is that He always does have my back!