Its been a really rough day today trying to fight off the pain that’s attacking me. This most recent flare up has been building for a few days now and today I’m feeling its full affect! Its been hard to keep my head in the game today, with pain trying to distract my every move. My stress level is in a good place though and I just need to ride out the storm once again! I just go to my happy place thinking about four months from now when I’ll be resting in sunny Kauai for almost a month!!

Wego Healths topic for today is to talk about my favorite hobbies. I think its farely odvious that one of my favorite past times is photography. There is nothing greater than being able to create a picture that you can call your own. One that nobody else can copy! I have this ability in whatever I’m doing to see a picture develope before my eyes. It is truly something special to see a picture go from something you see before your eyes, to  something hanging on a wall. I know what your thinking! Its just a picture! To me however that isn’t the case its an extension of yourself and how you see things through the lens of a camera. I know! Very deep isn’t it!

Most of you here that read my blog already know about my love for photography so I’m going to spare you any more talk about it. With my diagnosis of CRPS I’ve had to adapt to some other hobbies. One of the hobbies however that hasn’t changed is my love of reading. Put a good book in front of me and I get lost in the story. When I get lost in a good book I’m able to distract myself from the pain a bit. There is nothing better than a good mystery! Sometimes however as some of you whith chronic illness may be able to relate to, my fog brain gets in the way and it can be difficult to read.

Travel is another hobby that I love! Mainly because I get to experience so many different places and cultures from all over the world. It might not be as easy with my disability anymore but none the less it doesn’t stop me. Things have changed a little in that perspective as well. When I used to travel I’d get out and about a lot more than I do now. If I can be parked on a lounger with a good book overlooking a crystal blue ocean then its alright by me!!

I guess I have a point in all this. If your hobbies that you once had are no longer because of your disability, find another because there are still lots that you can do in spite your disability. I’m just lucky that a few of the hobbies that I have just had to be tweaked a bit in order to be able to continue with them. Its just another learning curve when your diagnosed with a disability and it takes time to figure it all out but you can do it!