It’s been a while since I was last able to update my site because I’ve been on vacation with my family! Tonight we pulled into Tacoma,Washington for the night on the final leg of our trip. So now that I have internet access I can update things. It’s been a great couple of weeks so far on our trek out the the coast to visit with my family. It’s been a great trip so far catching up with my family who I haven’t seen in two years. We’ve spent the last couple of weeks making stops in Vernon, Vancouver, and just left from a fantastic week at my moms cottage on Vancouver Island.

Today was a travel day and so we spent the day driving down island to Victoria to catch the ferry across into the U.S. We will now start working out way back home spending four days in Cour’Dalene, Idaho. It’s been a great way to put the pain out of my mind in some ways. The last few days though have been tough because I’ve been dealing with a fare amount of swelling along with a real increase in pain. Nothing was going to stop me though from making this trip because I’ve really been missing my family. The only way I wasn’t going to go was if I had received a call for surgery but that hasn’t happened yet! When we finally arrive home we’ll have been gone for almost three weeks a much needed change of pace in my mind.

Road trips are a lot of fun but by the end of today we were all tired and my pain was getting the better of me. I’m doing ok though and holding it together the best that I can! The traveling side of a trip is never easy for me but I find a way to push through and try to put a smile on my face. Some days are easier than others and today was one of those days. The temperature in these parts was really hot and the combination of that with my pain sent me over the edge tonight and so I’m doing my best to hold it together. Combined with some really tired kids and an especially tired wife and I’d say that we all need a really good nights sleep!

Over the next few days I’ll get to writing another post that gets a little more in depth about how life is going at the moment. For the time being however I need to get a little rest! Talk to you all soon.