It’s great being able to write a message ahead of time and set it to publish while I’m away! If you haven’t figured it out yet I’m writing you this message while I spend a few much needed days resting over Christmas with my family. That’s the great part about writing this blog or any blog for that matter. With a little bit of planning you can take a break and still keep posting. Hopefully when I put up my next post my pain will have come down a bit, and I’ll be feeling a lot more relaxed. As of right now I’ve been in more pain than usual and I’m doing what I can to try to keep myself functioning.

I just wanted to let everyone know that my site is still a work in progress, and say thanks to you all for being patient as I add different aspects to it. It takes time to build a good site and I’m trying to take my time and build in things slowly, trying to get things just the way I want them to be. So if you don’t find what your looking for the first time come back again and maybe it will be here the next time. Between celebrating Christmas, going to doctors appointments, going to physiotherapy, raising two kids, trying to get this site running smoothly, and dealing with many other things, it’s  been a little busy. Oh ya! Did I forget to mention in there that I also have to deal with my CRPS over and above everything else. No wonder I’m having trouble with pain at the moment!!

I was thinking today about New Years today and trying to reflect on the year that has just passed us by. It’s been quite the year for my family. Not only have I been dealing with my CRPS but we’ve been dealing with my wife’s health issue that has now been taken care of. It’s been a year of taking on whatever has been thrown at us and there have been a whole bunch of highs and at the same time a whole bunch of lows. Out of all that though I have come out of this year feeling more confident about things, and that I can overcome any challenge that comes my way. God has done some pretty amazing things in my life this year and again I have to give Him thanks for being there every step of the way.

Every time I thought that I wasn’t going to be able to keep going He was there to stop me from falling, to say stand back up and keep going. You see He is always going to be there for you when you need Him. I can’t explain every little detail of what my year was like, but there were many times where my faith was tested and I had to put my trust in God. Every single time He was there to look after all my needs. You see my biggest need this year wasn’t for my own health but for my wife’s. Without going into a lot of detail we were dealing with a cancer scare.  My wife and I both felt as though this was the toughest thing that we had faced yet, but we weren’t going to give up. It was a matter of putting our faith in God! I’m so happy to say that today she is fine and there is no cancer. Again we have been tested and again He was there.

So as I move forward into next year it just seems like no obstacle is to big to overcome. My faith is stronger than it has ever been, and it’s time for something positive to happen with my health.  I also feel as though this is going to be a year of breakthrough with CRPS. Over the last couple of months I’ve really started to feel as though things are starting to happen with CRPS. I’m noticing that it’s starting to be recognised more often by doctors. People who suffer from the disease are starting to speak out more about what they are dealing with in there lives. It just seems to me that we are headed in a positive direction. So I encourage people to keep telling there stories because they need to be heard. 

I really hope that everyone had a great Christmas and that your spending some much needed time with family.  I’m sure like me you’ll be spending lots of time eating all the great foods that we do at this time of year.