I’m back! The last couple of weeks I just had to take a mental break. It’s been a really busy not to mention stressful summer, and I needed to take something off of my already too full plate. It just seems like over the last couple of weeks like I’ve hit a brick wall and I’m slow to get back up. Even though I had a great holiday my body seems to be running on empty and my pain really seems to be on the rise as of late. Normally with my implants I can bounce back from my flare ups pretty quickly but lately its been taking a little more time.

We had a great holiday with my family but as soon as we got back I had to go into general contractor mode and organize all the trades that are doing work on our home. My hopes are to get our basement back by mid September if all goes according to schedule. My girls are getting ready to go back to school so we are a very busy  family at the moment. When the end of the day arrives I have very little left in me and mentally I feel drained as well. So you don’t need to worry when things calm down I’ll be able to get back to a normal flow again with this site.

For me summer has been anything but relaxing. Most of the time summer is that time of the year where I can recharge my engines and find the time to let go of some of the stress that builds over the year. Some of that is starting to catch up with me and so I need to start slowing things down a bit. My CRPS has been screaming at me in so many different ways and so it’s time to start listening to my body again and not what I want to do. You see it can be really easy to do want you tell your body to do. We need to remember though that our brains aren’t functioning at 100%. It’s kind of ironic that from an early age we are taught to listen to our bodies and that they will tell us when to stop. If your dealing with CRPS then your best line of defence is to listen to your body very closely.

In my next post I’m going to get into this a little more in depth. It’s been a really long day and I need to rest and try and calm the nerves that are frazzled at the moment. As well in my next post I’ll have a few pictures to post from our holiday in Montana and Idaho as well.  That is if I find the time to download them from my camera!