I’ve had so much on the go over the last week between doctors appointments and other things that I forgot to find time to post. So I’m carving out a bit of time tonight to put my thoughts to paper. I’ve been struggling a bit lately to get the proper pain relief in my hand. We’ve been trying to adjust the stimulator but things just haven’t been quite as good since the surgery. I’m still getting some relief but it was better before. What I’m being told is that it’s just a matter of playing with the programming of the stimulator until we get it right.

So to distract myself at the moment I’m trying to push on with my photography. In the next few posts I’ll be posting more pictures, something that’s been lacking as of late! It’s hard to find the time however with two kids and with everything else that’s going on at the moment. The kids only have another few days of classes before summer holidays, then everyone will live at the lake for a couple months. We are also planning a road trip out to B.C. to visit my family as well so it’s shaping up to be a busy summer.

Along with everything that we have planned for over the summer I still have a basement that needs finishing. I feel like calling Mike Holmes from Holmes on Holmes because with what’s going on it’s like one of those nightmares that he goes in and fixes. Needless to say you get an idea of what’s been happening and I’m really not happy. It certainly doesn’t help with the stress level at the moment, and fighting CRPS is all about trying to reduce your stress level! I can’t wait for the day that it all ends. So sorry if the posting has been a bit lack lustre as of late!

If I’m being honest I’m also having trouble putting together the words in this post. Some days are better than others when it comes to putting your thoughts together. I find that when the stress level is up I have more frequent episodes of fuzziness in my head. It’s the one symptom that I fight and struggle with! I won’t let it get me down however because if I do then the CRPS wins. Instead I ask God to replace that fuzziness with clear thoughts.

When one symptom goes crazy often the other ones follow suite which is what seems to be happening right now. The swelling in my leg is also up and I’m having to run my implant at a higher level to get the proper pain relief. It’s making walking around a bit more uncomfortable at the moment but that’s where my implant has been very effective. It’s been a big part of why my symptoms are able to settle down and stabilize so quickly after they flare up.

Well the time has come to put the short people to bed for the night! So I’ll see you all in a few days.