Finding time to post has been rather hard as of late. With doctors appointments and everything that’s going on as of late it’s been pretty busy. My wife and I did find time though to get out and celebrate our 16th anniversary with an amazing meal and every better company! The highlight of the night was surprising her with a trip to Kauai in January. So we are in vacation planning mode and it gives us something to look forward to. Although I’m not looking forward to about 16 hrs of travel time. The fun of booking your flights through air miles! What will keep me going through all of that though will be the amazing beauty that we will be blessed with being in and around.

Even though the trip is a ways away it gives me something to keep my mind away from the pain. Lately I’ve been dealing with quite a bit of pain and one of my surgery sites has been swelling and giving me a bit of trouble. Yesterday I went to see my neurosurgeon for my six week follow up and from what we can tell it looks like things are healing well. The increase in pain in the surgery site according to him was probably caused by doing a little to much. I am very happy with where the new battery sits though, and wished I would have chosen to have it put there in the first place. Little by little I’m things continue to improve and soon I hope to get out taking pictures again. Not only have I not had the time to get out taking pictures but I just haven’t felt up to it.

To add to all the stress at the moment I’ve found out that the company that’s doing the work in my basement is doing it without a permit! I went down to city hall the other day to pick up my permit and asked to see a copy of the other companies permit. I was shocked when the person I was dealing with informed me they didn’t have one! A big national company and they don’t have a permit! So that’s thrown a great big wrench into things at the moment. I wish things could be easy but I guess  I just have to deal with it. I really don’t need all the extra stress but it will be better for me if I just deal with it and try and get things back to normal. I’m trying to take the calm and cool approach! Easier said than done sometimes.

This weekend we are headed out to the lake so things will be much more relaxed and I won’t have to think about anything! My family will be treating me to a amazing fresh baked birthday cake and just some great family time together. That’s all I need! I have so many blessing’s in my life and when I really think about it, even though I’m dealing with all this stuff I still have an amazing life. My outlook is optimistic and I choose to put a smile on in spite of how much pain I have live with. Instead of focusing on all the doom and gloom that this illness has caused I choose to look at all the good that has come from it. Yes! I did say that. Surprisingly there has been all kinds of good things that have come from this. I look inside myself and I have become stronger and more resilient from all this. Looking in and around myself there isn’t all bad that circles my life. There are a lot of positives and you need to set your sites on them.

I’m in a good frame of mind at the moment in spite of the pain and all the stress. I’m making a choice to see positive and make positive choices!