Hi everyone! Today’s post will be short and to the point, well the most part with a few spelling mistakes mixed in. Why do you as because last night I had my surgery and I have some really strong drugs coursing through my veins right now! The surgery went as well as can be expected. They removed my battery that I have in my back and put the new one around my left clavicle. What I wasn’t expecting was the fluid that he found in and around the battery sack. So my surgery was a little longer than expected and my surgeon has sent off samples for culture. He wants to see me in his office in two days to talk about the results.

I’m hoping and praying that this doesn’t mean more surgery. However that does remain a possibility and this point in time. The pain at the moment is pretty intense as I have two  incisions in my back and the one in my front. I’m trying to make my brain understand that it’s surgical pain so that the CRPS doesn’t flare up to much. I’ll update with more of the details later but over the next few days I’ll be busy recovering. Well for now I have to draw things to an end before I fall asleep!