Ok it’s bad enough that I’m hearing all kinds of reports from other people in the blog world that spring is starting to appear. Even worse though is waking up this morning to find that once again it had snowed again overnight. Oh ya! did I mention that it’s suppose to snow all weekend as well. I’m tired of winter and it needs to disappear quickly! This has been one of the worst winters on record and it hasn’t helped on the pain front as well. Like most people dealing with chronic pain cold makes things worse and I change hardly wait for the temperatures to warm up.

Over the last couple of weeks my body hasn’t been very happy and to be quite honest it has me thrown off. I usually do a really good job with managing my pain but with all the stress as of late I’m not doing a very good job. I’m pushing myself harder than I should and I need to slow things down. Normally I’d do a really good job in realizing my limitations, but at the moment I’m not doing a good job with that at all. There are all kinds of stresses at the moment and I constantly want to push myself past where I really should and as a result it’s causing more pain.

So this afternoon I started to think about why things have been so up and down as of late. I’ve hit a wall and my body is screaming in pain at the moment, so I’ve been forced to slow down more.  I’m trying to deal with that but having a really tough time in doing so. There are periods that I go through where not being able to do the basics around the house really bothers me. Watching friends do everything they’ve done for us during this time is hard for me because I want to be right in there helping. However having such amazing friends is an incredible blessing to our family. I’m constantly being reminded at the moment that I can’t do as much as I’d like, and as a result it brings back all the mix of emotions that you go through with CRPS. This is where God comes in!

From day one of this journey I’ve said that I can’t get through all of this without God’s help! Right now is one of those times! When I’m hurting I turn to Him! When I need wisdom I turn to Him! When I need finances I turn to Him! Whenever I need strength I turn to Him! Is it easy standing in faith that God can provide all these things when I need them? It’s one of the hardest things for me to do but I never waiver because He always provides. I know that when I need Him the most he’ll always be there and that I can give whatever problem I have to Him. If I’m feeling discouraged then I can hand that over to Him and it’s replaced with encouragement and strength. The hard part is asking God for those things because He can’t provide you with the things you don’t ask for, and I believe He can and will provide if you just ask.

Are you feeling alone? Are you feeling like you just can’t take anymore? Are you getting tired of fighting your battle on your own? Then you need God on your side to fight with you and for you. It might be in the form of guiding a surgeons skillful hands to do your surgery or helping you with finances but whatever the need He can provide. So that being said I’ve given all my issues to Him and standing in faith that everything will work out.