Hi again! It’s been a while since my last post but things in my parts have been crazy and there hasn’t been a lot of time for writing. The saga continues as we try and slowly rebuild our basement. Things in the insurance world don’t seem to move very fast,  and it makes for a lot of frustration as I try and get the work moving forward! We have now been without our basement for a month and a half and we are just now getting to the point of rebuild. Throw in the stress of another surgery coming up and my pain levels have increased more than I’d like. Yes! Last week I saw my neurosurgeon and now I’m on the wait list for surgery!

The last several months I’ve been having a lot of problems with pain in the region of where my battery has been internalized in my back. So the plan is to remove the implant and move it to my front where hopefully it will work out better. The implant itself has been working but it’s just been the placement that has been a real problem. It’s gotten to the point however that I can’t take the pain anymore. I have a really high pain tolerance but a person can only take so much before you have to say enough already.  So I’ve been praying for a quick surgery date to get it taken care of. In a funny kind of way all the stuff going on in my basement is a good distraction while I wait.

There has been little or no time lately to get out to take any pictures which I really miss! Then again with all the snow we have at the moment it isn’t very easy to get around to all the areas I like to photograph. I can hardly wait for spring and the melting to happen. Two more months and we should be in the clear! Maybe even earlier if spring decides to break early. Winters are long in my area and I’m tired of all the snow and extreme cold. My pain doesn’t like it either, and so it’s time for a little warmth. Right about now is when I wish I was on that tropical island not having to worry about dressing in several layers of clothing. Although the last few days have been pretty warm and some of the snow has melted off.

When the seasons are starting to change like they are, those of us that deal with CRPS are reminded just how bad the pain can be! The swings in temperatures are hard on our bodies and can cause real sudden changes in our pain levels. It’s just something we have to deal with! Having my implants helps with controlling my pain but it doesn’t mean I don’t have my days where the pain gets out of control. Today I’m fighting to hold things together. It’s clearly one of those days where I just can’t put together what I want to say, so I’m going to stop here and regroup for a day or two. Once things calm down a bit I’ll be back ready to push forward and put my thoughts to paper!