So what’s new in my parts? Well it was certainly a Thanksgiving to remember! After a great meal the next morning the nightmare began. Our entire family went down with one of the worst cases of the stomach flu in a long time. I’m just glad the worst is over for me but the rest of the family is dealing with it. I’ve been dealing with some increased pain because I haven’t been able to keep my pain medication down. Things are slowly getting better however as I’m getting my meds back to normal and on day four I’m finally starting to feel better.

My wife and five year old daughter were the next in line and came down with it the same night. As a matter of fact my wife is still dealing with it. I felt so bad for the two of them but especially my 5yr old who was up all night long along with my wife throwing up! She is a tough little girl though and is feeling so much better today. It’s been a tough week and I thank you all for the prayers!

Life sometimes throws us those curve balls that we didn’t expect, my CRPS being just that!  What we have to do is rise up against all of our obstacles and try to see all the positive in all of this. This really becomes a story about God and what He can do in your life if given the chance. My faith has grown to a level that I never knew possible, and I don’t worry like I used to because I know all of this is in God’s hands. I give all my worries to Him and as a result He takes care of me.

When you suffer through a disability there is a lot of worrying that goes on. Things like finances, dealing with stress, and a long list of others can create all kinds of worry leading to depression and even worse suicide. You need to trust that God is going to take care of your every need and that can be really hard. Even for myself when all of this happened at the beginning I had a hard time trusting that all of my needs would be met. I don’t care what anyone says it is never easy, so I started to pray and with that prayer came trust. There is a easy formula to remember: Worry replaced by Prayer equals Trust.

So you just have to remember that when your having a really difficult time and it seems like everything is crashing down around you that there is someone who is going to take care of you. I’ve been through a lot in my six years with CRPS, and there have been a lot of times where I’ve had to pray and trust that He would provide when I needed it. I can honestly say He provides every time!