It’s been a interesting few days to say the least. On Wednesday I met with the people who look after me at the implant clinic to have my staples removed. A few hours later I met with the surgeon, to have him go over what the reports were saying about my cultures taken at the time of my surgery. He informed me that even though the cultures didn’t grow anything they were still showing that there was contamination and that there still might be an infection. So he put me back on another round of antibiotics and is going to rerun the tests again. In another couple of days we should have the results.

On the positive side of things though I’m slowly getting over this latest surgery, and life is starting to get back to normal. Over the last week I’ve started to do a little more work with my photography, and I’ve taken on a few more projects for customers. Slowly things are starting to pick up and people are seeing my work. I’m feeling good about how things are going with my business and the sense of accomplishment makes it all worth doing. Working with my disability hasn’t been easy, but I’m proving to myself that I can be happy within my disability.

When I set out to start my business it wasn’t with a vision to solely make money. It’s great that I can make money while doing this, but it’s also about getting active and proving to myself that pain doesn’t have to control my life. It has brought a great deal of happiness, and the feeling of accomplishment is like no other. It was about proving to myself that I don’t have to spend every day suffering and being unhappy because of the pain.

Really what this business is all about is doing something that I love to do! Getting out and taking pictures! Creating a photograph that nobody else can call their own! That’s what really makes me happy. Are you having a hard time finding your happiness right now? Look deep within your heart because something is there! You just need to look a little harder because it’s there.