Happy Mothers Day to all you mothers out there! I hope you all have a really special day because you deserve it. It wouldn’t be right though if I didn’t put up a post saying a very special Happy Mothers Day to the amazing woman that I’ll have been married to for 15yrs come the end of this month. Not only is she a special woman but she is an incredible mom to our two kids. I can’t begin to say enough about what she does for this family to keep it running and the amount of love that she has for her kids. I am the luckiest husband in the world and God has blessed me more than I could never imagine.

So I stopped for a moment and tried to think of a few words to describe her as a wife and mom and the list just went on and on. It wasn’t an easy task because there isn’t just one or two words to describe her. When I try to think of words that best describe her, I think of ones like loving, devoted, caring, unselfish, giving, compassionate, thoughtful, loyal, understanding, hard working, sensitive, and the list just keeps going! Your a very special person that deserves a very special thanks for all the things that you do for our family.

Life gets really busy sometimes and it can be easy to forget to stop and just say thanks!  Your kids and I want to take the time to tell you just how much we appreciate everything you do for us, and so we want you to enjoy your special day and take some time for yourself. It’s time for a time out! Make this day all about you because you deserve it!

So keeping things short and sweet today I say Happy Mother’s Day!