Hi once again! It’s only Wednesday and I feel like we’re at the end of the week. These first couple of days have been really busy but things are only going to get busier as the week goes on. I only hope that my pain stays at a reasonable level and doesn’t spike up like it can sometimes do. As of late I’ve been putting a lot of time and what energy into trying to get ready for the Arts Festival that I will be trying to sell my photographs at. I’m hoping for amazing things to happen and that it will be a really big success. So here are a few photos I’ll have at the sale. So sorry if I’ve been a little more distracted than usual.

I want to take a second to thank my friend Lydia over at Sea Beautiful. She runs a fantastic site which I really recommend that you check out. The site never fails to inspire and they are always looking for opportunities to pay it forward. They were kind enough this month to write a post about me and my site and so I just wanted to say a big thanks! I really appreciate sites like theirs that help me in trying to get my message out. If I didn’t have that help from others then I’m not half as effective as I’d like.

With that being said I wanted to tell everyone about a fantastic new site on CRPS/RSD that I have been told about. The site is called PARC for short or Promotional Awareness of RSD and CRPS in Canada. It’s a site designed to support, educate, and inform about the illness. What’s nice is that it’s a website that not only educates those in the CRPS community but it also targets medical professionals about the early diagnosis and treatment of CRPS/RSD. There are a whole bunch of things that the site offers, to many to really get into so I would urge you to use the link I’ve provided to check out the site. I will also be putting the link on my sidebar if you want to access it.

After six years I have a pretty good idea of what CRPS is all about but after looking at this website I realized that there were still a lot of things that I didn’t know about it. As well I was able to link certain things together that I didn’t realize may be related. So from an educational side it’s a great site and if your looking for more information this is where you will find it. I find that a lot of sites have medical terms that make things really hard to understand. This site lays it out in terms that are easy to understand. In Canada slowly the education is starting to come but we need more than just websites and places to find materials. We need more programs put in place to educate. Public awareness needs to be better. If we can do a better job of educating in all the right areas then it’s going to lead to a better chance of early detection. If that happens then there is a better chance of reducing some of the symptoms that we deal with.