Encouraging Each Other!!

Hi everybody! It’s Friday and the weekend is upon us. A few pictures to kick it off! I’m finally starting to feel like things are back to a semi-normal state after my surgery. I’m still dealing with some issues and pain but at least things are going better, and I feel like things can start to get back into a regular routine. Of course that won’t happen until I’m able to start driving again in the next two weeks, but I’m inching closer to that day. If you didn’t already know, the reason I’ve been unable to drive is so that I allow the lead in my neck to scar in so that it doesn’t shift out of place again.

I’m doing much better though and I believe the worst of the surgical pain has come and gone. I’ve still got a lot of recovering to do but it only gets easier from here on out. I want to thank those of you out there that have contacted me and encouraged me through the last few months. In the last little while I’ve also had some fellow sufferers contacting me and encouraging me with their comments, and I want to say thank-you and tell them to stay in touch. Your are a big part of the reason that I keep fighting to win this battle.

In speaking with other sufferers something that has been weighing on my mind is how important it is to be a support network for each other. I’ve always felt this way but it can be hard staying in touch because pain works it’s magic, distracting and isolating people into their own little world. This distraction can often lead to depression, which if it becomes bad enough can sometimes lead to suicidal thoughts or even suicide itself.  I was recently reading that the suicide rate for people suffering from chronic pain is double the chance of someone not suffering from chronic pain. Using our support groups and networks around us can help bring that number down.

This leads me to something new that I want to introduce to my site, however I need some help from those of you out there who suffer from chronic pain. I’m going to add a weekly post that will be called “Testimonial Tuesday”. In some way shape or form we all have a story to tell in dealing with our pain. I’d like to hear some of those stories and share them here on my site. So if your interested please contact through my sites email for details.  Hope to hear from some of you soon!



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  1. Hi Ross, thanks for visiting my blog.
    I know two girls who suffer from CRPS, one here in New Zealand (Jackie) and one in the States. It’s an awful mean condition to have.
    I hope you recover soon from your surgery.
    I didn’t even know you could have surgery to help with CRPS?
    Anyway, do pop back if you are inclined… I blog every day!
    Addicted to it … lol.

  2. Great idea to add testimonials. I know firsthand, how living with CRPS is and can be very isolating and depressing. The fact that most people cannot comprehend the pain you are going through, let alone begin to understand the condition itself is daunting. When people look at you – and they don’t see anything visibly wrong with you, they believe you are “just fine”. From the onset of my condition, the one good thing I can say that has come from it – is that I have more empathy and sympathy for others that struggle with chronic pain or other illnesses that are difficult to to visibly “see”. I try to be more aware of those around me, that might be struggling with their own personal or medical issue. In doing so, sometimes just realizing you aren’t alone, and that someone else might me worse off than you, puts life into perspective. Thanks for all you do – to “get the word out” about CRPS/chronic pain, and the affects it has on a person not only physically, but mentally as well. Continuing to pray for your speedy recovery from surgery. (I am 2 weeks out today, from my 2nd revision for scar tissue around where the leads are anchored, so I can sympathize with you about the limitations, etc. that come with surgery recovery as well).

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