Hi everyone! Well the news seems to be circulating around that Google Friend Connect will be discontinued for those of us that are none users of blogger effective March 1, 2012. So if you want to keep getting updates to my blog or so that I can keep following yours you will have to find me in a couple of news places. In the next few days I’ll be making some changes and adding some places to where you can find my site, and would encourage you to link up to me there. The best way to keep getting my posts will be to subscribe to my feed through email.

So last night we had our Christmas party at our house with some of our friends. It couldn’t have gone better and I want to thank my wife for all her hard work in making it go as well as it did. Her baking is nothing short of fantastic and I now feel a few pounds heavier! We even had a kids party downstairs for anyone bringing their kids. We had babysitters dealing with the kids party so that the adults could enjoy some adult time. It was a great time and even though large parties or crowds aren’t easy for me I still managed to have fun. We had a night filled with laughter with friends and hope to do it again soon.

It’s that time of the year where our schedules start to get really busy, and it seems as though you never get a chance to slow down. Next week we get into the Christmas concerts that the kids have been working so hard to prepare for. Then for Christmas and New Years it’s out to the lake to be with family. For someone who’s dealing with CRPS the month of December can add a lot of stress which can make pain a whole lot more intense. I’m hoping and praying that this year will be different!

In spite of all the added stress and business Christmas and being at the lake is still my favorite time of the year. I can get away from all the distractions in my life and the business of the season and be with those that matter the most “my family”.  For a moment in time things slow down for half a second and life is great! It’s also the chance for me to reflect on the birth of the one who brings such meaning to my life Jesus Christ!