Today I decided to challenge all of you out there who read my site to something very simple. Sometimes the simplest things have the biggest impact! To often we fail to take a moment to offer a word of wisdom or to encourage someone when the opportunity presents itself. I myself am guilty of doing this because for whatever reason we get too busy or just don’t take the time. I can’t tell you how many times someone has left a comment saying something on my site that encourages me. Sometimes it’s been the difference in getting me through the day or even the week.

In the blogging community we have the ability to reach out to hundreds of people if not thousands with some of the bigger blogs, and encourage and impact each others lives in a very powerful way through our written word. When we are linking up to various sites or just reading through your favorite sites all kinds of opportunities present themselves to leave words of wisdom or encouragement. I’m a firm believer in that you will never know what type of an impact those words are going to have if you don’t take the risk.

So this week this is what I want you to do! During the week as you visit other blogs, move outside your comfort zone to encourage someone. It might be something as simple as how inspirational they are, but words have the power to change lives. Go to someones blog and leave them a message that will inspire them!