Part 1 is over and so now all I have to do is heal. It may be the middle of the night, and I might be feel pain that is like no other at the moment but it’s totally worth it! I went for the final surgery today to implant the battery, and it ended up being a very long day as I had expected it to be. I got to the hospital at 7:30am and was discharged after my operation at about 7:15pm. I left with a goody bag of ice packs and other things to help me get better but I can honestly say that it’s great to have it over with for now. In a few months I’ll have to have the other implant done on my arm but for now I get to heal from this one.

As I mentioned before it’s already working and I feel as though things have improved. My pain may not be gone but it’s finally under control and less than it was which are two huge steps which I have taken! Was it worth it? Absolutely 100%! To see the looks on everyone’s faces who are involved in my care has been truly amazing! This is why they do what they do. They understand what we go through living with CRPS, and to give someone pain relief is not just a small thing to them. They are in the business of making a difference in as many peoples lives as they can. For that I am thankful to them because I am already seeing a difference!

It’s taken a lot of searching to get to the right people but I believe I’ve found them. The people looking after me aren’t just people doing their job. I really believe that they care about each and every person that they see, and the difference that they try to make in that person’s life! If it wasn’t for the team of people that have been put together at the implant clinic, then I wouldn’t be pushing ahead in my journey. I know it’s early and I’ve just received my implant but where would I have been if I hadn’t decided to go ahead and get it. The worst case scenario was that it wouldn’t work but that isn’t the case at this point in time.

I can’t stress enough the level of care that I have received through this whole process. From the moment of the surgery to waking up on the other side someone was always there from the implant clinic and you don’t always see that level of care. The final piece of the puzzle seems to have fallen into place! I have an excellent physio team and now I have an the other half of the team in place. I can’t begin to say enough how good God has been throughout all of this! For tonight I need some rest but I can go to sleep knowing that tomorrow brings hope! Hope that by the grace of God I’ll start living a life with less pain. Thanks to everyone! You know who you are.