Hi everyone! For whatever reason my drafts that I had written to release didn’t release! So it’s been a few days and I’m writing this from bed after my surgery. It’s been a long day however the spinal implant has been done and seems to be working! Just when I thought it wasn’t possible the pain in my back is pretty intense. On the flip side when I have the stimulation on my pain is reduced. For now the unit that they will implant is running out of my back and stays out for ten days. Every second day I’ll run back and forth to the implant clinic for monitoring. After that time they will implant the battery in my abdomen.

So for now it’s a matter of taking it very easy over the next couple of days and letting my back heal and learning how to use the unit. When I’m feeling more up to it I’ll update and tell you about the surgery and what I can expect from it. Time for more meds and to try and get some sleep!!