Today has been an exhausting day however I feel as ready as I can be going into next Wednesday. I spent the the morning today getting all my pre op tests done today at the hospital in preparation for my spinal implant. Upon arriving at home my mind has been swimming with information about what’s going to happen on the day of my operation. I met with the anesthesiologist who walked through the entire procedure with me and went over my list of medications that I currently take. What I am excited about is that after the implant I will hopefully be able to get off most of the medications!

After meeting with the anesthesiologist I met with the doctor who will assist the primary doctor who does the implant. I’ve met with him on other occasions and feel quite comfortable with him. Again he went through some of the things that will be happening and asked me if I had any concerns or questions. The surgery is suppose to be about 2 or 3 hours. I told him that everything had been explained very well and that I really do feel comfortable with the entire process. Am I excited about having this done? No! Am I excited about the outcome? Yes!

I can’t remember the last time I’ve been able to walk, and not feel shooting pain up my leg. This procedure is suppose to help with that and allow me to get through each day without rocking in the fetal position writhing in pain . I may be able to go for walks again and do the simplest of things that I’ve been unable to do. So it could be a pretty amazing moment when everything gets hooked up. I’m just trusting that all of this is being guided by God and that He will guide the medical team and everything that they do. Is this the day where everything changes for the better? I’m sure believing that this will be the case, and that there will be a huge testimony in all of this when we are done!

Obviously I was hoping and praying that things wouldn’t get to this point. Maybe this was all part of Gods plan, in using a surgeons hands to make me better. All along I have placed my trust in Him, so why would anything change now. More than ever I need to give everything to Him, and continue to trust that He will lead me in my decisions. So am I ok with the everything that’s going on and the decision that I’ve made? To be honest I am because I know that this is the direction for whatever reason that God has taken me. So come back and see what happens in a weeks time! I will be back to post before then but Oct.12 is surgery day!