After many hours of trying to get things back up and running properly, I have finally managed to get things at about 80%. I don’t know what happened to my site yesterday but I’ve managed to get most things restored to there original state, and resume work on creating my new look. There are a few changes in store however I want to get everything working properly before I go live. So if your suppose to see a link to your site here be patient and in the next couple of days I’ll have it back up. I really don’t know what happened because all of a sudden the back half of my site started decided that it was going to start acting up and in turn when you tried to access my site half of what was suppose to be there wasn’t. For some strange reason it wouldn’t let me put it back either!

So in the next week here I will be revealing my sites new look, which is really just has a few changes. They might be small but it will make things run faster and look even a bit cleaner. If you want to sponsor my site then I would suggest that you contact me while I’m making my changes. I’m suggesting a ad swap so that we can support each other.  Contact me if you are interested and would like more details.

For the past two weeks I have been fighting a cold. As those of you who have CRPS know, when your dealing with a lowered immune system it takes forever for colds to clear. This also happens to be the time of year that you really don’t like because if you have kids like me then they bring all the colds home. So you spend the next several months trying to fight off everything that you come in contact with. If you often start dealing with more pain when you have a cold then don’t drive yourself crazy wondering why you keep getting sick, it’s all a part of how this thing we call  CRPS works!  Yes cold and flu season is approaching and everyone’s chances increased, all I’m saying is pay closer attention because your risks are a bit higher with CRPS because of your lowered immune system.

As I get into my fall routine with school and a busier schedule I’m expecting that things areen’t going to be quite as easy, and that the pain might start to creep up. The most important thing to do if your new to your diagnosis is prepare yourself for this and realize that you will get through it. Quite often people who doen’t know enough about CRPS think that their condition is getting worse and it sends them to a different place mentally! It’s  a lifelong game of balancing the stress in your life. The better you do at managing the stress in your day to day life, the better your going to do in controlling the ebbs and flows of pain that you deal with.

The other day I was watching the kids show ” The Little Engine That Could” with my kids. When you look at the storey line how can you not be inspired by that little train. It’s a classic story and I think if you look at the deeper meaning of the show there are a lot of lessons that a person can learn from it. Those of us dealing with our CRPS need to adapt the shows message of ” I think I can, I think I can ” into our daily routine.  It’s funny how I find so much inspiration in a kids show but as a parent your looking at the message the show sends out for your child and it causes you to think just a little bit more!

Of course I find inspiration on a daily basis from God who is doing so much in my life at this point in time. I wouldn’t be at this stage unless He wasn’t doing something amazing in my life. He gives me everything I need in my life along with so much more! Without Him standing by me through all my toughest moments I don’t know where I would be.  If you want true inspiration then look no further because in Him you will find it! Here is a video I came across I thought you might all enjoy! The Race