Implants Part 2!

What a way to start off 2012 with having the second of two implants done! Tomorrow I go back in to fix the surgery that didn’t work. I’m believing that everything is going to go well, and that on Thurs they will then be able to do the internalization surgery. Over the last couple of months it’s been a real test of strength to get over the first surgery, and I wasn’t expecting the second implant to be done quite so quickly. With wait times these days I was thinking several months before getting it done! Another answer to prayer! The pain that I’ve had to get through at times hasn’t been easy and I’ve said to myself I must be crazy to be putting myself through all of this.

Not only has it been a test of strength but it’s been a real emotional time to get through! Imagine laying there as the surgeon works on you, thinking about that moment when he turns the power on in the unit and how dramatically your life could change at that moment that they plug that battery in. It’s pretty powerful stuff! So that’s why when I had the second implant started the other day it was so disheartening that it didn’t work the way it was suppose to, but you can never lose hope.

Once again your riding that emotional roller coaster hoping and praying that the results will be positive. I’ve spent more than a little bit of time praying that God will answers my prayers and give me the relief from this pain. So far we are one for two in that department, and so I’m trusting that He will make it two for two. I am believing that this is the start of major changes in my health this year!

I’m not going to lie and say that this has been an easy process, for any of you that might be considering this surgery. It works for some people and others it doesn’t. The goals with this surgery are to try and obtain a 50%-70% reduction in pain. The amazing thing through all of this though is how my faith has carried me through the entire process. Well I better be getting some sleep so I’ll see everyone in a few days!


About Ross

My name is Ross and I want to welcome you to my site. I’m married to an amazing woman who is my best friend, and my soul mate all rolled up into one! I am the father of two very special girls who we adopted from China & Ethiopia. Together we make up one very multicultural family!

In 2006 my life was turned upside down when I was diagnosed with CRPS/RSD. It was the start of a journey I never could have expected, and one that I couldn’t fight without God. CRPS is a chronic pain disease and it started in my left hand. I lost mobility of my hand and started to experience pain unlike I ever could have imagined. Not to long after my left ankle became affected. I spent the better half of about a year not knowing what was going on in my body and traveling from doctor to doctor to find a diagnosis. As time went by I started learning more about CRPS and all its symptoms that it brings with it!

As I started to learn more about CRPS I felt the growing need to share the information I was learning with others and to raise more awareness. As well I want this to be a place where we can connect and support one another. So I would encourage you to contact me if you want.

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4 Responses to Implants Part 2!

  1. Fancy Nancy says:

    Still praying Ross. He is always in control!!

  2. Russ, I’m sending thoughts and prayers your way. Always seeing beautiful, you’re holding on to the positives here and I believe that mindset is the piece of the puzzle that makes God very proud of your abundant faith in Him.

  3. …and my spell check didn’t correct Ross from Russ. So sorry about that.

  4. Lori says:

    I just sent you an email. I am praying your recovery is going well. I am 6 weeks out of a double SCS for treatment of my CRPS. Anxious to hear how you are doing. I am progressing – but it is slow. I, too, would appreciate prayers. This condition is like none other I’ve ever known. It is life changing,.

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