Well I’m holding on by my fingernails today, yet again another day of fun living my life with CRPS! Days like today can be hard as I’ve had next to no sleep last night, and somehow I need to find the strength and energy to carry on with today. It’s especially hard with kids as you don’t get a break, and your expected to answer to their every need. My kids are pretty good though and for the most part, are very understanding of everything that is going on. So when I got up this morning my two little munchkins were very helpful because I was moving a whole lot slower. For one second they put aside their fighting to help Daddy! It might seem like this is something small but really its huge. It makes dealing with the limitations that I have so much easier when they are willing to help me out.

On the bad days it always seems that all the symptoms just get together and have one big party within my body. Have I ever mentioned how these days are so very tiring, and take everything out of me. These are the days that God has to motivate me and give me strength. It can be so easy to give up but the words ” give up” don’t exist in my vocabulary.

Well winter has shown up once again! They are expecting snow again tonight! When will winter end? Most of our snow has melted and now once again more is on the way!! Isn’t five months of winter long enough? People in my area are starting to get tired of being inside after such a long winter, and so am I for that matter. It would be nice if spring came any time it wanted to. As a parent I’d also like to be able to stop dressing my kids in all their snow gear. Most of all though is that it makes getting around so much easy for me when the snow and ice are gone. Sorry just my weekly rant on the weather as I’m done with things for this year.

So to give people a bit of an update I’m still waiting for my surgery to happen. I was due back in November to have my spinal cord implant done and as of today I’m still waiting. I don’t even have any idea of a date yet which is a little bit frustrating to me. I will have been on the wait list for 1yr as of next month, when I was originally told that the wait time was about three months. Am I tired of waiting? The answer is yes but there isn’t any point in getting upset because it is what it is. Getting stressed about it would only add to my pain! It will be like Christmas the day I get the call telling me I have a date. Instead I’m trying to keep my mind off it.

So how am I keeping my mind off things? As I mentioned a couple of posts back I’m trying to make a positive step forward in getting back into my photography. I’m still looking at cameras and trying to get the things I need. I need some help from the readers out there. I have always been a Pentax user and there are a couple of cameras of theirs I’m looking at. What I need though is anyone out there who can recommend a good digital camera out there. Please send an e-mail to me at my site if you can help me on narrowing down my choices. That means I want to hear from the photographers out there!!!

Well there you have it. A short update about not really much at all. It’s one of those days that’s hard to put the words together. So I just decided it was easier just to put together a little update rather than anything else. So until the next time!!!