It’s been a tough couple of days for me and my minds been on other things besides my blog. As I mentioned in a previous post I had surgery a couple weeks ago to fix a problem. Well a couple days ago I found out I’m going to need surgery again because the original issue isn’t fixed. I’m very frustrated right now and of course this has . The hardest part about having CRPS is not only the pain, but trying to control the emotional roller coaster that you ride. My latest turn of events has caused my stress level to rise. Again I feel like I’m riding that roller coascaused an increase in my stress.

Anyways enough about that, today I was feeling inspired to talk about one of the ways in which I deal with my pain. The pain is worse today and along with that I’m finding it hard to keep my emotions under control. It’s perfectly logical that my pain would be worse because my stress level is up, as well as the fact that my emotions are on high alertter twisting and turning out of control. The easiest way to explain how I feel is that it’s like I’m on edge all the time, never knowing when you going up or coming down.

When my pain gets bad and my emotions start to run high then I need to focus on trying to get them under control. What I need to do at this point in time is try to get my nervous system to calm down so that I can relax enough to ease the pain and at the same time manage the emotions. This is where I rely on my relaxation therapy, which consists of breathing exercises that help to calm me. This then helps my nervous system unwind because it gets wound up so tight. When my nervous system isn’t as tightly wound up then the pain eases and I’m more in control of my emotional state. I’m not saying that this type of therapy works for everybody however it seems to work for me.

Can I say that the pain is totally gone? No I can’t! What I can say though is that it’s controlling the pain so that it doesn’t keep building and building. Without a doubt it helps me manage the constant flare ups that I suffer from with this condition. This would be all the ups and downs that I’ve gone through where the pain gets worse over a period of time and then takes several days to get better and calm down.

As you start to manage your pain level your going to find that you feel better emotionally. What I am finding is that I’m taking lessons in patience!!! Managing your pain doesn’t happen over night and you are bound to have lots of ups and downs.