Well after yesterday’s post I figured that maybe after being stuck in the house for a week that I would get out to do something. No such luck as it’s a blizzard outside and I’m beginning to wonder if we are going to have to dig our way out of the house after this storm has finally rolled through.

Today when I got out of bed I knew that the day was going to be difficult. My pain level is really bad and it’s taking all my strength to get around. So maybe it’s a good thing that the snow is flying!! With my CRPS when I wake up I know almost always how my day is going to be within the first ten minutes. There are mornings that I wake up paralyzed in pain unable to move my limbs that are affected because the pain is so intense. To make matters worse there are headaches along with the pain which are like migraines.

On mornings like this it can sometimes take me 30 minutes just to get out of bed after I awake. This was the case this morning. When this happens I become more aware that I need to stay focused on managing the pain. I find that I have to take some time for myself and do my breathing exercises, to try and calm my nervous system down. I do this to try to relax my nervous system because on some mornings like this morning it’s racing. Being awake most of the night with my pain last night however doesn’t help the situation. This only makes matters worse.

There are days where I wish I had control over my nervous system and could turn it off. I’ve come to realize the importance of doing my breathing exercises at times when the pain is out of control. It’s true that it might only bring temporary relief until things flare up again however it does help and any amount of relief that I can get I will take. Where I find it difficult is that I have two kids under the age of 5 as mentioned in previous posts. It’s a real challenge for me to find that quite time for me when the pain gets bad. It’s not that easy when your 3 yr old is throwing a tantrum and you have to deal with a kid who’s limbs are flying around on the floor as she cries hysterically!!

What I find difficult is learning to recognise when my nervous system is getting wound up tighter and tighter. Everybody faces stress on a day to day basis however it has an even bigger effect on those of us with CRPS. A person with CRPS reacts differently to stress and there nervous system starts to speed up and can’t slow down. I have started using a program called ” Healing Rhythms ” and this really helps calm my nervous system down using simple breathing techniques. It’s a constant battle to stay on top of trying to relax and not allow my nervous system system to get too wound up.

Today might have been one of those days where the pain wasn’t good but it was a day where I was able to control the pain. If I can gain an ounce of control over the pain then I have to say that the day has been good.