Hi everyone! Unfortunately the author of these clips has since taken them down! So unfortunately it renders this post pretty useless unless I update things. So instead I have updated this post and inserted some charts and images that will explain CRPS better than my original post.

When I started this blog I gave a very brief description of what CRPS or RSD is. My hope here is to arm you with a little more information through these images that I’ll share with you. For those of you reading this that are newly diagnosed, or just trying to understand the disease better. I hope that you gain valuable information from them. For those just trying to understand what a person living with CRPS is dealing with. I hope you gain a better understanding of what it is that those of us who are diagnosed go through on a daily basis. I plan to continue to put more information about the condition on my site in the future so please keep checking back.

The second slide here breaks down the different classifications of CRPS. Again, this is really important information to know because it will help your physician or specialist determine what type of CRPS you are dealing with. Information is power and the more you have the better your chances of reversing some of the symptoms. It might even help in determining what type of treatment plan you might have to follow. In a lot of ways its a good thing that I’m updating this post! My biggest problem that I had in being diagnosed was a lack of information. So that meant that I couldn’t get information to the physicians who were trying to help me. If they don’t know the facts but your able to pass some of those facts on to them then you better your chances. In many ways we play a part in being able to help ourselves. We have to work with our specialists and therapists because there are still those who don’t know about the disease.