When I started this blog I gave a very brief description of what CRPS or RSD is. I just wanted to share these short clips with everybody. I also included a short clip linking depression with CRPS which is very common. Those of you that are watching this and you are newly diagnosed need to listen carefully to what they are saying because there is important information with these clip. For those of you that don’t know what this condition is all about, I hope you gain an understanding of what it is that those of us that are diagnosed go through on a day to day basis. I plan to put more clips about the condition on my site in the future so please become a follower of my site.

The second clip about not toughing it out is really important. If we keep trying to do that we are only hurting ourselves. The health care system needs us to be vocal and tell them how we are feeling so that treatment plans can be made, but most of all so that they learn from us in order to be able to treat us. I know it’s hard for those of us that are dealing with this illness to find the positives in all of this, however in many ways we control whether we want to get better or not. If we work with our specialists and therapists and they work with us then we better our chances of getting better. I urge people to tell there doctors how there feeling!!!!