Now if I take a step back into reality for just one minute then the reality is that we don’t always have things like the amazing waves or amazing scenery to distract us. So you need to find ways to do that! For me as most of you know photography is that distraction. I put all my energy into taking pictures and the entire process to produce the best ones I can. My point is that distraction can play a huge roll in getting your mind off the pain. The mind is powerful and believe it or not you can control your pain to some extent!

Life with a chronic illness is about challenging the illness itself, and proving to myself that anything is possible when you set your mind to it. It wasn’t my fault that I got sick and then all of a sudden all these limitations were placed on my life. I accept that now and believe me it took a really long time to stop asking why something like this would happen or to just move on from that. I want to live life to the fullest, and I want to experience all kinds of amazing things in my life. You can’t do that when you live paralyzed by fear! I approach every day with an attitude that I’m not going to let fear into my life. It means trying the things that seem impossible and not worrying about failure. Be proud of yourself for even trying! What if you do succeed? Then you’ve just empowered yourself to push beyond your limitations.

I get it! I understand when your diagnosed with an illness or a disability of some sort that it stops you cold in your tracks! Don’t let it stop you though because as I always say “you can do great things with your life”! If you need support from others then go out and find it because I’m telling you it helps. Over the last several years I’ve met a lot of people in the world of chronic illness. We encourage each other to push through difficult times or congratulate each other when we succeed!

I don’t believe that life shuts down for a second and I don’t think God does either. I believe that He wants to see bigger and better things come of your life. If you want to keep living in fear then that is your choice. I guarantee you that by asking God for help with that fear however that amazing things can and will happen in your life. The other day as we explored this amazing island we came across a quadrapalegic artist who paints with his mouth. The pieces of artwork he produces were amazing and only encouraged me more to look forward not backwards. God has obviously given him a very special talent, like He has given each and every one of us. This artist has chosen to turn his disability into something positive and an example to us all.

So my challenge to you is this! Make a commitment to yourself to break away from the fear if it has a stronghold on you. Don’t be scared to try and move forward with life after your diagnosis. It may not go in the direction you had planned but you might be surprised in the results you achieve!