Once again it’s summer and I’m now living at the lake! It means finding time to go online and write posts is a little more difficult. I don’t have the same access to the Internet as I do at home and so my posts are a little more spread out in between so I apologize for that. That being said this is just what the doctor ordered so that my body can heal. I always find that the relaxed pace out here helps to calm my nervous system and the pain isn’t quite as bad. Although over the last few days I’ve been fighting a pretty mean flare up.

Since the last post there have been a few developments that a lot of you that read my blog don’t know about. About two or three days before Canada Day here I unfortunately decided that If having CRPS wasn’t bad enough,  that I had to go and break my wrist on my bad hand. As a result its set off a chain of flare ups that I’ve been trying to manage. Fortunately the break wasn’t too bad but it is a hairline fracture and the trauma as a result has sent my nervous system into a tailspin that I have to deal with. It just seems to be one thing after another but I’m not letting it discourage me or stop me! Yes I have to deal with a bunch of extra pain but it will pass!

Not everything is bad news however and it appears that slowly my recovery from my implant surgery is starting to improve. Things aren’t perfect by any means but bit by bit things get a bit easier to do. The physical limitations are still many and endurance is still an issue but I’m gaining ground. According to the surgeon, I still have several months before I can return to lifting things and doing the things I was doing before the surgery. The pain is hard to figure out because one minute it can drop me to my knees,  and the next minute it can be all alright. So from that standpoint some days are still much easier than others.

This leads me to what I wanted to talk about today. Several times I have been asked if I would have this surgery again with all the problems I’ve had going through it. My answer has always been “yes” without doubt. You have to understand that while my surgery was being done they ran into difficulty as can be the case in any surgery. So with that being said it wasn’t the norm. When you make that decision to have the surgery you accept that you might run into problems and have to deal with the unexpected. So why go through it? Its very simple if my pain decreases by even ten percent then the bottom line is that I’m dealing with less pain. It makes dealing with everything I have to go through worth it. Like any other type of treatment you take a chance that it will be successful. If I don’t take the chance then I stay stuck where I am at. Do you struggle in your head to make the decision? Of course you do because nobody wants to put their body through all of that. If I don’t take that chance however then I’ll never know, maybe my results could be fantastic and I could get sixty percent pain relief.

I say all of this because I know and believe in the implant process. If I hadn’t done the one for my leg then I’d still be walking with a cane today! It doesn’t work for everyone but unless you try then you’ll never know!