Yes this was yesterday’s topic and I’m playing catch up but better later than never! When you have two small kids, a disability, several doctors appointments, and you run a blog its challenging to keep up with a thirty day challenge! My motto is better late than never and I have something to prove to myself that I can complete this challenge. Even if it means that in order to do it I have to write two posts on one day. Which is the case today! The last week has I’ve also been dealing with a flare up and so it makes it extra challenging but I never give up. Keep pushing along and you will eventually complete the race!

The next topic WEGO Health Activists Challenge is if you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go and why? There are a lot of places in the world that I still want to travel that are high on my list of places to go. However one has grabbed hold of me pretty tight and that is Kauai, Hawaii. I’ve been there once already and in Sept I’ll be returning for almost the full month. When you watch shows such as Hawaii Life they really tell it like it is. They really do have a different way of looking at life! Everything is so much slower and layed back. Enjoying life and family is put first and you can clearly see how this is incorporated into people’s lives there by how they live.

There is something special about that island to me. Although we’ve only been there once it really is all that and more! Its hard to describe but there are miles and miles of white sand beaches, and if you want to find a place to just relax and get rid of all your stresses this is the place. Everything from the lush vegatation to the wildlife that is all around you leaves you in awe of what God has created! As you can tell I don’t have a bad thing to say about this island, as it feels like a second home to me. It helps lift my spirits when I have to deal with my CRPS every day.

The only part of going there however that I dislike is the travel time to get there. From where I live its anywhere from between 12hrs to 19hrs of travel time depending on how you go. So for me that length of time trying to sit on a plane in brutal, but I try and focus on the goal in the end. Not to mention the hassels of taking longer to get through security checks because of my implants, medications, and special things I take. With my CRPS I get a lot of swelling and so with the change in altitude I get more severe swelling. It seems that my affected leg gets a bit worse so I wrap it in a tensor to try and keep the swelling at bay. I already wear an edema glove on my hand so it helps with the swelling of the hand. I notice however the swelling gets worse up the arm as well.

Sure the travel is more of a hassel but if you do the work to figure out how you can make it easier for you then it isn’t as bad. You can apply through the airlines for special medical seating that will give you prefered seating to make you more comfortable. I also do my homework and get letters from my doctors to help get me through security if there are any questions about all the wires and metal I have in my body. I know that for some of you the travel isn’t easy but I say this in all honesty that the travel is worth it in the long run. I come back feeling alive and rejuvinated ready to keep battling!

So just because you have a disability don’t let that stop you from getting out there and traveling to some of the most special places on earth. I might have my own little place I call paradise now go find yours!!