If you had asked me when I started this challenge about a week ago how difficult it was going to be I would have said no problem piece of cake! Well I missed yesterday’s post and I find the topics WEGO has thrown at me, are challenging me and causing me to look deep within myself. I’m almost half way through the challenge and no matter what happens I’m going to see this through until the end of the month. So today I’ve been asked to write about a moment or moments that I feel as though I could take on the world.

So I thought about this question, and I thought about it some more. Did I mention that I thought about the question some more! As I started drafting up this post in my head all I could think about were the challenges I’ve faced and the reasons they’ve given me to want to give up, and not take on the world as I live through life with CRPS. Then I started thinking about all the small things that have happened over the years with CRPS and the numerous reasons that they have given me to take on the world. Every day that I have a small victory in this fight with CRPS gives me reason to take on the world and tell others that they can do the same.

So often in this fight with CRPS its one step forward two steps back and so when you do manage to take two steps forward and none back you feel real good. Its at that point that you feel as though you could take on the world and do anything. A little positive has a huge uplifting affect on a person. So when you take back the bits and pieces that CRPS has stolen away, you feel as though anything is possible. So I don’t think that there has been one moment in particular where I feel like I could take on the world but it’s a whole series of moments and the small victories. When your surrounded by so much negative fighting an illness like CRPS those positive moments are that much bigger. When I received my first implant I was walking with a cane, fast forward to today and I’m walking on my own with no aid at all. That is the type of small victory I’m talking about and it leaves you feeling on top of the world, and that anything is possible if you set you mind to it.

When I try to think of that one big moment it hasn’t come yet because that will come the day that I beat this illness that’s had a hold on my life for the last nine years!