This week has been really tough! Today I feel not only physical pain but the emotional pain is at an all time high. When I look at everything that’s going on in my little world dealing with chronic pain it’s nothing compared to what happened in our country yesterday. A gunman walked into Parliament Hill and changes the face of our countries history forever! My heart is sad for the soldier who lost his life yesterday serving and protecting our great nation! The acts that were carried out yesterday on Parliament Hill will forever be etched in my brain. We are a country that stands together unified and strong against these brutal acts of terrorism. As our Prime Minister said so well in addressing our country last night “But let there be no misunderstanding. We will never be intimidated. Canada will never be intimidated”.

The things that happened yesterday are a reminder that things have changed in the world as we know it. As Canadians however our beliefs and our values as a nation will never change! We are resilient and will find a new strength in the aftermath of this tragedy. We will have no fear! I am proud to be a Canadian and believe that in the days ahead we will only get stronger. Yes today is a sad day where the tragedy of the events that happened are fresh in our mind and are affecting our hearts but we must have an attitude that says we will never give in and be defeated. Like millions of other Canadians I’m still trying to process what happened and why it did, but know that in the days ahead our government leaders will try to figure out the answers to so many of the questions that we have.

When events like these happen it’s a harsh reminder that the problems that I have are so small in comparison. I have so much to be greatful for in this country that I live in. I have access to some of the best health care in the world but somehow I find a way to complain about it and that isn’t right. In other countries they have to fight for any type of health care at all. I need to be grateful for what my country has given me because it could be a lot different! You would think that by now I’d realize this but I seem to let my selfish wants and needs get in the way more often than not. Again I need to step back and take a look at the big picture. Something I need to do more often, not just at times like these!

When I really sit back and think about it, I really am blessed to be living in a country such as this. A country in which our soldiers like Cpl. Nathan Cirillo make the ultimate sacrifice for the freedom that I get to enjoy each and every day. Or the other law enforcements agencies across Canada that keep us safe. We thank you for the sacrifices that you make each day so that we stay safe.

To the Sergeant-at-Arms who stared fear down by putting his own life at risk in taking down the shooter and saving so many lives in the process we thank you! You truly are a hero!

When I started to write this post today it just didn’t feel right to post about anything other than this. Today our flags fly at half mast but we will get through this together as a nation!