Well I wasn’t planning on putting up a post today but the timing was right. With no kids, and no other distractions around me I thought I’d better take the opportunity now! Not to mention that I’m not going very far because my pain isn’t very good today. This is the time that I need the upper implant to be working because if it was I’d be able to control the pain better. In case you hadn’t realized it yet I’m a real advocate for the implants because when they’re working right they do work in managing your pain. I’ve been pushing things pretty hard and so the flare ups have been pretty intense and so getting over them has been much harder without that upper implant working.

So how do you manage getting through every day when your living in a world of pain with CRPS? When I think about that I could give you all kinds of answers. So many things make living with my CRPS easier but today I want to speak towards family and friends! I have such an amazing family that recognizes the struggles I go through every day. They make things easier by making huge sacrifices and so they need to be recognized for that. Often in a world that gets centred around what’s going on around us we forget about that. My wife for example has taken on two jobs to assure that we meet our financial needs. Not to mention all the extra things she does around the house. Often she does so much more just to make it easier for me! You encourage me every day to keep going. So thanks babe I love you!

This doesn’t just happen within my immediate family but within my extended family as well. Often they will make sacrifices themselves when I’m not feeling good and I want to say thanks to all of them and tell them how much I love them. It’s a huge blessing to have you all in my life and to have a family that understands as much as you do. It might be something that’s so small that you do but understand that in my world it’s huge! Not every family understands what we have to deal with every day with CRPS and I’m truly blessed with one that does. I love all of you and thanks for the support and the things that you do to make life just a bit easier.

Although you might not be family I also want to thank fellow CRPS sufferers and the countless people that I’ve met through this site. Your support gives me the constant encouragement to keep fighting and overcome this illness. I’ll often receive a comment on a bad day that lifts my spirits and it reminds me that I need to keep up the fight. Even on the good days I’ll receive comments from some of you that help me find that extra step I need to keep pushing. We are in this together and will take it on together! Some of you who have blogs need to know that I’m often encouraged by the posts that you put up and that those words truly speak to me. Lastly I want to encourage you in that you can get through this.

I want to say “THANKS” to everyone because you help make all of this just a bit easier to deal with. The message is quite simple in that the small things you do or say are so much bigger than you really know and I’m thankful for it all!